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Pet Level Training

With K9 Experience Inc, we offer training services that help dog owners develop a better relationship with their pets. Part of our hands-on approach teaches canines how to listen to basic commands and show general obedience to their owners when engaging in day-to-day activities. With our program, you will be able to include your pet in all areas of your life like taking them to the park, the lake or for a walk. With a high success rate, clients choose our obedience program because they want their dog to engage in these activities to become a more integral part of their family dynamic.

Our trainers understand where other programs fail because the dogs are not regarded and approached as an individual. We get that. We view every canine as unique and personalize our training tactics to ensure their success in our programs.

What Your Dog Will Learn


Regardless of the age or breed, all canines can benefit from obedience training courses. Many dog owners struggle with their pets in structuring behavior that is acceptable for daily interactions. As trainers that are experienced and well-versed in teaching obedience, we can help you improve the relationship and interaction you have with your pet. Through a reward system, we address tactics to modify negative behavior as well as introduce new behaviors like following commands.

    • Walking on a leash
    • Resisting distractions
    • Following voice commands
    • Eradicating aggression towards humans and other pets
    • Eradicating chewing and incessant barking
    • & more!

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