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Meet Our Trainers

Founder & Head Trainer

Cecil Brannon was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is the founding owner and head trainer of K9 Experience of Arkansas. He founded the company in the Spring of 2009.

  • Cecil is a veteran of the US Navy in which he served for twenty years. He began his dog training over twenty years ago under the tutelage of Anthony Smith at Little Rock K9 Academy.
  • He specialized in civilian protection work, obedience, law enforcement patrol work, and eventually expanded on to narcotics detection. He is an incredible trainer that has a natural ability for imprinting young pups in preparation of work.
  • He has worked dogs at Lackland Air Force Base and taken a training course with the world renowned trainer Koos Hassing of the Netherlands. His growth into service dogs for veterans has completed his transformation into an experienced and well-rounded trainer.
  • Cecil has completed the STSK9 BOOT CAMP, instructed by the magnificent NINO DROWAERT of Belgium.
  • Dogs have always had a special place in his heart and it moves him to assist any dog owner to bring out a dogs natural working ability. He is always motivated by an eager dog and a willing handler.
  • A world where dog owners are trained to increase the natural working ability of their dogs is a world worth striving for indeed.

Calvin Wilbon

Senior Trainer/Decoy

Calvin Wilbon started with K9 Experience Inc on March 14, 2014. He works alongside his mentor Cecil as a trainer and decoy.

  • His passion for training dogs is what lead him to K9 Experience Inc and an apprenticeship under founder Cecil Brannon.
  • Calvin also completed the STSK9 BOOT CAMP, instructed by the magnificent NINO DROWAERT of Belgium.
  • Calvin not only works dogs as decoy but has a few dogs of his own that he trains as a handler.
  • As a permanent member of the K9 Experience team, he's seen the value as this company grows exponentially and plans to stay for years to come.



Rod has been around dogs all of his life. He has a passion for dogs and is an advocate against animal cruelty.

  • Rod is an Army and Air Force veteran, where he spent 10 years in the military. Rod also spent 17 years in law enforcement. He brings over 27 years of military and law enforcement experience to K9 Experience.
  • His background will be beneficial to the security operations and executive protection aspect of the company. Rod has been working and training under the watchful eyes of Calvin Wilbon and Cecil Brannon.
  • Rod acquired his own protection dog from K9 Experience. From there, he has put in the time and effort to become a trainer for the company.

Malik Whitfield

Born in raised in Little Rock Arkansas, Malik has been into animals his whole life. He started working with dogs two years ago with K9 Experience Inc with no knowledge but just a high school diploma. He continues his training with K9 Experience Inc developing as a decoy/trainer. He started as a decoy and fell in love with it. He has a Belgian Malinois which he trains for the sport of PSA and is filled with joy that he is able to train and work with several different types of dogs. It is his dream.